SterJo Key Finder - Recover your lost product keys

Many of us have had a situation when you were forced to completely reinstall your system but always there is a one huge problem!

"What will happen to the software you have forgotten or lost the product key and don't know what to do?"

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SterJo Wireless Passwords - Recover forgotten wireless passwords

As the number of devices using wireless network increases same as the need for more security, it often may happen your password containing letters, numbers and special characters to be forgotten in time.

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SterJo NetStalker - Detect unauthorized access to your computer

Have you ever wondered which programs have access to internet and if you have permitted that action?
You don't have to be a computer expert to notice if something is wrong with your computer.

Today there are many programs able to steal important information from you without even being aware. If the security of your computer is important to you and want to know more details for free then you should try SterJo NetStalker

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SterJo Task Manager - Alternative task manager for Windows

We all have the need to know what is going on in the background on our computer. Probably it has happen many times when a certain thing must be done in a short period of time and we are forced to wait for a few minutes. Or maybe you have wondered why the computer starts up so slowly?

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SterJo Startup Patrol - Monitor your Windows startup entries

Often may happen your PC to run a little slower than usual. Don't worry, it is nothing serious. You've probably installed some software that delayed the boot time.

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SterJo Password Unmask - Reveal the password behind asterisks

Did you forget your saved passwords from many applications? You've thought they are already saved and you won't need them anymore? Well you could be wrong :)

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SterJo FileZilla Decryptor - Recover forgotten FileZilla FTP logins

Managing several websites and forgetting their FileZilla logins could be a serious problem sometimes. Well using this free software you won't have that problem anymore.

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SterJo Wireless Network Scanner - View all connections to your wireless network

If you want to know who else is connected to your wireless network then you are on the right place.

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